Annual Summit 2022 – Speed-dating in Italy

Dinner in Naples! Photo: Runar Gjerp Solstad / Nofima

On 22 and 23 June in Naples, Italy the Annual Summit of 2022 took place. More than half of our project participants were able to meet in person, while the rest followed the meeting through Microsoft Teams.

In the front row from left to right: Nathalie Scheers from Chalmers, Kjersti Lian and Themis Altintzoglou from Nofima. Photo: Runar Gjerp Solstad / Nofima

Since the project team last met in December, there has been a change in staff. Work package seven is now lead by Oda Bjørnsborg from Nofima, replacing Emil Bremnes. We would like to thank Emil for his efforts and contribution to BlueCC.

The first day was dedicated to update the project team on each of the work packages. Work package leaders, researchers and PhD students presented the status and results so far in each work package.

The second day consisted of a speed-dating between the physically present participants. Do not worry, the speed-dating was purely scientific or at least project relevant. “We have tried this type of speed-dating in the past with great success”, stated Runar Gjerp Solstad, the project coordinator. The aim was to work creatively together two-and-two to come up with new project ideas. We also wanted to clarify any work package-related issues if necessary.

The Annual Summit of 2022 was a success. Project coordinator Runar summed up the meeting explaining that we got all the necessary input during the first day. “During day two, we really had a chance to talk together and create ideas, which I very much enjoyed”, Runar concluded.

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