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Clean collagen from jellyfish, starfish, and cells 09.03.2022 02:03
by Bio Market Insights 3 mins ago in Technology Reading Time: 5 mins read

Gir forbrukeren en stemme i forskningen

Nofima 11.01.2022 16:22
Kollagen og kitin er naturlige ingredienser som ofte brukes i kosmetikk og kosttilskudd. Markedet for kollagen er spesielt...

Giving the consumer a voice in seafood research

Sciencenorway 11.01.2022 05:37
A team of European scientists wants to utilise marine co-products and invasive species as ingredients in new products,...

Finding novel uses for undervalued marine products

The fish site 06.01.2022 11:00
Underutilised aquaculture products - including lumpfish - and invasive species could be more profitable, according to a team...