Peer reviewed journal

Resource efficient collagen extraction from common starfish with the aid of high shear mechanical homogenization and ultrasound.

Food Chemistry, 2022

Vate, Naveen Kumar; Undeland, Ingrid; Abdollahi, Mehdi;


Processes currently used for collagen extraction are complicated requiring a great deal of time and chemicals. Here, high shear mechanical homogenization (HSMH) and ultrasound (US) were integrated in the pretreatment step of collagen extraction from common starfish to reduce chemical use and time consumption. Effects of the assistant technologies on yield, structural integrity and functionality of collagen were also investigated. HSMH reduced the deproteinization time from 6 h to 5 min and its required amount of alkali 4 times, compared with classic methods. HSMH + US reduced the demineralization time from 24 h to 12 h and improved its efficiency in extraction of minerals. Collagen extraction with HSMH and HSMH + US resulted in similar yield as the classic method and did not affect triple helical structural integrity, polypeptide pattern, thermal stability or fibril-formation capacity of the collagens. Altogether, HSMH and US can effectively improve resource efficiency during collagen extraction without imposing negative effect on collagen quality.

DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2022.133426